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New menu launched

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New menu launched


Sportsters is delighted to launch a fantastic new main menu, just in time for Summer. With that in mind, we’ve added a number of new dishes that are perfect for the warmer weather. Plus, we’re delighted that our menu will also include a new wine offering with our staff happy to help with suggestions.

While maintaining some favourite dishes such as Cajun Chicken Crepes and Burgers, we’ve added a variety of new dishes for each course. This includes starters such as Beer Soup, Garlic & Chilli King Prawns, and Grilled Halloumi with Med Veg. New mains include some classic dishes such as Mussels, Pork Belly, and a Brisket Sandwich. Finally, we’ve got a variety of new desserts such as Hot Homemade Cookie Dough, Nutella Belgian Waffles, and Cranachan, Raspberry & Drambuie.

Daniel McCue, Manager of Sportsters, said: “We’re thrilled to launch our brand new menu today. It has been months in the making with a lot of hard work from our team but we’re delighted that it’s now time to show what we’ve accomplished.

“While we have kept a lot of favourites, we certainly hope that our menu will attract new customers to come to Sportsters and try what we’re offering. We always say that we are much more than a sports bar. I think today’s menu proves that and shows we take delivering high-quality food very seriously. It also shows that we are committed to raising the bar in terms of the offering we provide.”

The new menu is also perfect for sharing with options such as Melted Gruyere and a Butchers Board. This is something Daniel believes people will take advantage of. “We really want to encourage people to come in and enjoy our food, no matter what the occasion” he said. “If it’s a family celebration or just a couple of friends coming for a catch-up, there is something for everyone. For example, we have a Cheese Board that with a glass of wine would be perfect for the summer ahead. With some big football matches in the coming weeks as well, we’ll hope to perhaps see customers having a couple of ice cold pints with a Butchers Board to share. Even if it’s something to enjoy at the bar itself, we’ll be happy to accommodate.”

Finally, it has also been confirmed that the menus will now be disposable, meaning each customer will get a fresh menu each time they visit. This also means that changes and additions can be expected more regularly. “Every month or so we’ll have the opportunity to change and adapt our menu which is really great for everyone. It means that we’ll be able to add seasonal dishes or even change up a dish completely. It means that customers will get the freshest dishes possible and also can expect a variety of options each time they visit.”

The menu launches today at 12pm and you can book in to try it by clicking here.

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