Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker


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What is it?

Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker will both put their heavyweight world title belts on the line in the first major boxing bout of 2018.

Parker, 26, is putting his WBO belt on the line while Joshua, 28, is defending his WBA and IBF titles in a winner-takes-all fight.

When is it?

March 31, 2018.

Where is it?

Cardiff’s Principality Stadium, where Joshua successfully defended his titles against Carlos Takam – will host the bout.

What time will the fight start?

No official ring-walk information has been provided as of yet but it is expected that Joshua and Parker will take to the ring no later than 10:30pm.


What are they saying?

Joseph Parker on Anthony Joshua’s ‘glass chin’

All we have said is that Joshua has a glass chin. We know it, he knows it, everybody knows it, they just don’t talk about it.

We saw him get dropped by Wladimir Klitschko but he still had the heart to get up and finish the fight – I’ll give him that – but if I catch him and hurt him I’m not going to give him the chance to recover. I won’t be letting him off the hook. If I get him in the trouble Klitschko had him in, there is no chance for him. I’ll go in fast, I’ll go in hard, and I’ll go in for the kill. He won’t be able to recover against me.There was no disrespect.

We were just stating facts that he’s been dropped. It’s a fact that he has been dropped if not once, but many times in sparring. But with all these facts that we have, we have always said that he is a good champion, a good fighter and that we respect him.

We are just saying that these are his weaknesses and that’s all out there. There is proof of it in the fights he’s had and in the sparring he has had. There is no disrespect there – it’s just that no-one seems to talk about it. But his weaknesses are there for all to see.

Anthony Joshua on being ‘dropped’ in his career

There is a lot of talk about me being dropped, but there have been only three times it has happened.

The first was the European Championships, when only two weeks before I had been called back into the programme, because I was banned from the British team. I was very unfit but I got stopped, not dropped.

The second time was with David Price, when I had just come out [of] a police cell. Price is a puncher and that was down to a lot of experience. And Klitschko taught me that it will take more than a human to stop me from going where I am going. The rumours they have heard are all fake news.

Joseph Parker on Tyson Fury joining his ring walk

I might give him a text and say, β€˜Bro, do you want to walk in with me?’

He may just walk in with me or he may just sit in the front row and watch the fight. But I know I have a lot of support from Tyson, which is awesome.

Anthony Joshua on Tyson Fury’s possible cameo

It’s good. It brings attention to the sport It will be interesting because I am sure Fury will try and do a little tag-team and do a few rounds for him. He’s just got that in his locker.

No matter what he says outwardly, he has a lot of underlying respect for me and that’s just as a far as I know but I just take it with a pinch of salt. “I don’t take anything from him to heart and if he wants he is welcome to walk to the ring.