Chris Eubank Jr vs George Groves


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What is it?

It’s the semi-final of the World Boxing Super Series as George Groves and Chris Eubank Junior fight for the first time for a spot in the super-middleweight final where the Muhammad Ali Trophy will be up for grabs.

Groves will also defend his WBA super-middleweight title in the same fight.

The winner will then then face the victor in the other semi-final clash between Erik Skoglund and Great Britain’s Callum Smith.

When is it?

Saturday, February 17.

Where is it?

The bout will take place at the MEN Arena, Manchester.

What time is the fight?

Neither ITV or World Boxing Super Series have so far released specific details on the timing of the fight or the undercard, but previous main events on ITV Box Office have tended to begin at 10:30pm.

What are they saying?

Chris Eubank Jr on Groves’ mental scars from Froch KO

I think physically he’s the same guy, not mentally.

That [Froch defeat] took something out of him. He’s a strong dude.

They are both strong and all it takes is one hit. It’s whether you can hold that hit. Froch can hold a hit.

Groves put him down [in the first fight], he got back up. Groves, his chin is susceptible to punishment, and punishment is exactly what he is going to receive on February 17.

Groves on ‘performer’ Eubank Jr

Eubank is a performer first, a fighter second.

He was desperate to fight me because he knows it’s a big fight.

Whether it’ll dawn later on that that pressure isn’t easy to carry; it’ll be great, fun, but not unique to me.

He has improved, but hasn’t boxed anyone on my level, and if I box like I did [against Cox], he doesn’t stand a chance. I boxed tremendously.

Carl Froch, who twice beat George Grooves in his long career, reckons his former foe has no chance of beating Eubank Jr.

“I’ve sparred one [Eubank Jr], fought the other of course, and it is impossible for me to make a case for Groves to win their fight,” Froch wrote in his column for Sky Sports Boxing.

“I just don’t think he has the capability of stopping Chris Eubank Jr and now, if you don’t stop Chris Eubank Jr you don’t win on points.

Froch sparred with Eubank Jr in preparation for his May 2014 rematch with Grooves and the Nottingham-born boxer says his session with Eubank was tougher than the Wembley main event.

“He [Eubank Jr] is tough as old boots, believe me. It was far harder sparring him than it was fighting Groves with those small gloves on at Wembley.

“Sparring with him was competitive, uncomfortable and I hit him with around six or seven right hands – the same right hand that knocked Groves out – and I couldn’t have hit Eubank Jr any sweeter. He just rolled off, looked at me and carried on punching.”

Antony Joshua also believes Eubank Jnr will have too much firepower for Groves to handle.

“I think Eubank Jr is a bit too much right now. He’s got speed, he’s looking hot, he’s hot property,” Joshua told talksport radio.

“I like Groves, calculated and he can punch but that speed, that engine can’t be denied, it just can’t be denied right now.

“So good luck to Groves, good luck to Eubank but if I had to pick I’d probably go with Eubank because on past performances, he’s looked like he’s really developed and he’s confident.

“He’s got his father in his corner whose an ex-fighter whose given him that confidence, it’s in the bloodline so it’ll be interesting.”